Nihilist and Misanthrope

(Verse 1)

Stupidity has a name

It is the human race

Unable to understand

Unable to recognize

We all know nothing

We are all so small

So week and powerless

So blinded and cold

(Verse 2)

We never learned a thing

From our fucking faults

Again, again and again

And it will never end

(Verse 3)

Our rational belief

Is only a mistake

And our emotions

Are nothing than illusions

We lost our innocence

Since our creation

Created to kill

Created to destroy

We are the abscess

In this fallen paradise

Our gods are created

By greedy human minds

We are like a virus

Like trash and dirt and scum

No reason to exist

But a reason to die


Nihilism needs the misanthrope

Misanthropic nihilism