The Anthropological Need to Kill

(Verse 1)

The wind is playing with the tree

The air is freezing cold

Spectral colours I can see

My soul is already sold

(Verse 2)

I cut the sign into my flesh

Therefore I'm ready to fight

I call myself to arms

The enemy has no place to hide

(Verse 3)

I take my sword and stab into

The bastard's shivering chest

I cut them off and rip them all

I swear I never rest

Before they all are washed away

And everyone is rotten

They give nothing , I give pain

It should never be forgotten


Can you feel my anger

Can you feel my hate

(Verse 4)

I'm wading through all this blood

And corpses sign my way

I cleanse myself and leave it all

Without a recreation day

Everyone deserves to die

And blood is not enough

I kill to stay alive

For nothing beneath or above

The human nature has no right

They are as bad as me

Eternal darkness has no light

I am my own enemy

(Verse 5)

Walking through broken glass

I see the mirage of the moon

In my mind are fading stars

It fills my heart with gloom

(Verse 6)

Heavy clouds touching the ground

Warchants rising to the sky

Ancient spirits get unbound

Fighting every living lie